Electric Radiators

The clever alternative to gas.

With the implementation of modern technology, electric radiators have become more advanced than many gas heating solutions. We have put together a number of advantages to using an electric alternative to help you decide if this is the correct solution for you.

Electric radiators are energy efficient, with very little energy loss in comparison to gas, this is primarily due to not needing to power a boiler to power the radiator. This is complimented with the customisability of an electric solution, it is easily possible to control each radiator and zone to allow for specific temperatures in different areas of a property – with many models it is possible to control this remotely, via a mobile phone.

Electric radiators boast great reliability and don’t have as many ‘moving parts’ as a boiler-based system, effectively meaning that there is less to go wrong. If you would like to discuss our electric radiators with the team then feel free to Get In Touch and we will be happy to help.